Loco Mogul

In Loco Mogul you play a seasoned railroader turned entrepreneur as you attempt to build a railroad empire. Search for hidden towns, mines and other customers in your territory then build a fully functional railroad, complete with train stations, junctions, bridges, and mountain tunnels. After you`ve built your railroad lines you get to run your trains and maximize profits by delivering materials to their destinations before your fuel runs out.

  • Randomly generated levels
  • Great 1850s atmosphere
  • Unlimted gameplay with Sandbox Mode!

Loco Mogul screenshots.
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Loco Mogul screenshot
Loco Mogul screenshot
Loco Mogul screenshot

Loco Mogul is free to download and play. After you download Loco Mogul you have 1 trial hour to decide whether you like it or not. You can buy Loco Mogul online right away, instantly and securely.

Take on the role of a railroad entrepreneur and build your very own railroad empire in this unique new puzzle game.

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